October 17, 2008

Raven at Pro7 in january 2009

Raven's got a short appearence at the Vincent Raven Special for the Next Uri Geller II Show.

"I met Vincent a few years before. He liked my Raven Tattoo, and we hang around in the same pub sometimes. He gave me the link to his homepage, but I never had the chance to come to his shows. When I heard, that he will appear in the Next Uri Geller Show in 2008 I had to vote for him.
Well, they made this recording for the next show in Bern and that was my chance to see a short cut of his show. But I didn't knew that I had to go on stage.
By the way I had the chance to meet Uri Geller. He's such a nice and friendly person."

The Next Uri Geller Show is seen at Pro7 in january next year. The special is seen one day before the first show. So look out for the show. And Raven's "embarrassing" appearence...

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