April 14, 2009

Dead White Rabbit In The Bin

I'm working at the moment, at my solo-project. Some songs are already ready to record, other songs aren't even written. I'll upload some demos at MySpace, soon.
The album's release will be probably end of this year, or by 2010 at the latest.
What sure is, is the Name of the album: "Dead White Rabbit In The Bin".
A few days ago; I went for a walk with my dog, there I saw a strange thing in a dust-bin. After I went approximated; I saw a white dead rabbit in the bin. Just scrapped! Hiding home, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I had this idea to use "Dead White Rabbit In The Bin" for a song or for the album title. Yet, it's not foreseeable if I'll use it for a song-title.

April 02, 2009

Line6 - Pocket POD

My new baby! The Pocket POD! Well I had this idea to get the Pocket POD or another Line6-Pod for a while. But I was a bit afraid of the handeling. But it's easy as hell. Over 300 sounds and more than 1000 available sounds to download. Great! From Jimi Hendrix to Metallica, and the Eagles to AC/DC. You can also create your own sound! Very small and lightweight.There are a few effects (like composer, tremolo, flanger, delay...) and Amp simulatores (like Marshall, Fender, Vox, Mesa...) on it. Pretty cool, haw? You can also find a USB Mini cable connection on the POD. CD/MP3 in, amp out, guitar in, phones and a 9VDC line.

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A lot of news!

Today I decided to buy a Pocket POD. I will write an amplified post to my Diary, with video etc...
I'm also writing and recording new songs for our Band and my solo-project. Of course with my new Pocket POD.
In terms of our scheduling for the gig in this summer; we are working on it. The band is compete, and we are summon a band meeting this weekend. And then let's practice.