September 21, 2011


I'm a big, big Google fan. I know most people are at Facebook, but I actually hat FB. I hope Google+ will become bigger as Facebook. I don't think so, but I hope! "The hope dies last!" Anyway. I hope there are a lot art and music fans who'd like to connect with me and share ideas or what ever.
My profile is stil quite empty and clean, but it'll change soon... I hope!


Don't be shy to add me to your circle.

I'm working on a painting since weeks, but I have not much motivation or stenght at the moment. But I will upload it overe here soon! Promised! I will also work on a new album. Back to the roots: Let's Rock N' Roll!
But I'm still open for any film/game or what ever scoring. I just don't have much Equipment anymore. My keyboard and mics are gone etc. But I work on it!
See you soon at G+!