February 21, 2011

Monster Design Sketches

I thought I lost all my old sketches and drawings, but I found some of them today.
I've also found my old Monster Design sketch. monster design was my label in the mid 90's and this one here's the one I kept. The primarily airbrushing shop worked very well that time. I hope to find some originals not only sketches, but my hope wanes more and more.

©1996 Monster Designs® - Leah MacKay

I guess I'll redesign and coloure it again with photoshop later.

February 12, 2011


My good old homepage will be offline from February the 16th.
My first Raven's Nest page was at geocities. After my musical break I revive Raven's Nest with my own host in 2004 I think. It was really fun to work on it. I could live out my htlm knowlede, learn new things about designing, and writing my own html/CSS and php page without any stupid templates.
Now that we're moving to London I had to tell my host and my .ch page off. I'm a bit sad about it, but I am also a Blogger/Blogspot maniac. Nevertheless an own homepage with an own domaine is not the same.
Well, I'll keep the template, and you never know.
I'll look out for a good alternative to Raven's Nest and this blog!