February 12, 2010

A few changes

First of all as you probably already recognised I changed the whole design of my page. I really loved the other idea but the frameset made the page a bit too solid, and confusing in some parts.
Well, I had to let go, and make a new page with a new layout. It is a bit lighter but still dark.
However, I hope you like it, and you don't miss the old page too much.
I still don't know if I should change respectively upgrade the german page. Most visitors are English speaking people, and most German/Swiss visitors know me personal. It's really easy nowadays to translate pages with google or any other tools. I have so many plans for the future that I work day and night on them, and a page refresh would take less two days of my life. ;-)

I've also upgraded my facebook fan-page. The news RSS-Feeds and the score-music page news are in a new tab-box.

Oh, have you seen my new score music page? There are already also some examples but more comming soon. I'm workin' on it! SCORE MUSIC

Yuo can buy my CD "Immortalised" on this page still under downloads. Now you can find it way easier. And you can also order you copy at the score page in the media link.

I think that are all news by now.

February 06, 2010

Immortalised CD review I

My dear friend from Germany wrote a review to me after he get his copy of Immortalised. It was very touching, and I asked him to write a public review. I translated it in English, here's the engl. version. You'll find the german original version at my german page.
Thanks to Wolfgang!

PS: There are other reviews comming soon.

"Hi all you music freaks out there, somewhere, worldwide, with the insatiably desire and greed for good and new music. If you feel addressed, I have a hot tip for you.

It's a matter of the CD „Immortalised“ by Raven Mackay!!!
First things first. For me there's no weak or bad song on the album. I only like one more than the other, but they are all good!
I like the cover and all artwork a lot, too. The CD looks already fine............
but now to the songs:
1. Immortalised: it is really the perfect opener...no other song would pass as good for the first song
2.Tunes of War: one of my favourites out of three......my first thought was....the song would be mega-cool for a western soundtrack, and I still think so.... close your eyes turn up LOUD, and imagine all the mountains and the scenarios of the old wild west... fits perfect
3.Viktor: is also one of my three faves....epic song, and now even more throught the awesome video. Cool, wicked Thin Lizzy and Maiden guitars....
4. the pain in me .... really hot......with terrific rhythm-changes
5. Crying Whales – just GREAT....has a very special ambience....
6. Reproach: great song, strong ballade
7. Soundtack of your Life: beautiful guitar melodies, wicked change in tempo
8. Welcome to your funeral: commences like a childrens song, and developes as a cool metal song. Aaaawesome
9. Something in the dark: thriiiiillller
10. Farewell: fantastic orchestral sound, would suite as a great soundtack
11. Shot in the Dark: Cool song, but the sound isn't very good, the guitar is to silent to me.

It's important to say, there's no vocals on this CD.... it's absolutelly instrumental, but Raven's guitar repaces the vocal-parts.... give a listen, to make short work.... buy it, and you'll enjoy Raven's songs for sure!
Keep on rocking with heart and soul!!!!!!!!"

Wolfgang G├╝rster; www.rock-shot.com