June 30, 2012

No-Eye-People Page

It was about time to create a No-Eye-People portfolio and Facebook page. This is one of my project that had take time. But at least, here it is!
I'm drawing funny and creepy snails, mushrooms and sometimes people and other things since I was a child. I doodle while I'm on the phone, when I was sitting in a classroom, actually everywhere and anywhere. People seem to love my doodles. I started to show them in publc just not very long ago. And the public loves them too. So I decided to make something off of it. I will also make a short animation film and many many more things.
Here's my latest creation. I just went into this comic book shop and found these little creatures. That's just perfect. I love things to costumise. I always did! He has no name yet, bu I hope he'll get one soon.

Here's the LINK to the manufacturer of these little creatures. Any requests are welcome to customise you a No-Eye or other (for example Steampunk) -creature.

But here we go to the new No-Eye-People page and Facebok page. Don't forget to "like" them!


More products (like t-shirts) and drawings following soon!

June 13, 2012

More Mushrooms

Another Nasty Mushroom - Just for fun

An old one. But I still don't know how to colour it.