August 21, 2009


The English news blog and Raven's Diary are updated and modernized. After a lot of errors for the Diary's aspire template, Raven managed the html for blogger. We also added a retweet widget to both blogs. Twitter is the present and future network. Therefore has Raven activated her Twitter account after one year again.
The German news-blog is still obsolete, but we'll work on it, too.
Raven's next albums title will be redefined. "Dead White Rabbit In The Bin" is way too long for an album title and if people don't know the backgrounds, they'll find it a bit ghoulish.

August 14, 2009

Album cover

I'm workin' on my album cover right now. Didn't liked the first piece. I have a few ideas and you can vote for the best cover. I don't know yet how to do it, but the winner gets a free autographed CD!
I'm not sure about the CD title, but I think I'll keep it!
I'm also workin' on some new songs. I'll have some guest artist on this album, so let me surprise you!

August 05, 2009

New layout...

My english news got a new layout. I'm a bit disappointed 'coz it's a bit too big for my homepage, but I think it looks way better than the old one! Maybe I'll find a way to shrink it to the homepage size.
I've also uploaded some new artwork to my gallery. I'm workin' on a zombie/demon army. I haven't worked on new songs for a while. I've got a few ideas and started already to record some tunes, but I didn't had the motivation to work on them for a few weeks. I was also a bit busy with some other things in life.