December 13, 2008


I made a few changes and updates at my homepage. Most in the following categories: Biography (update), Extras & Music (changes).
I've got also new pictures in my Digital-Arts.
I'm still working at some new songs in my spare time, but I also have to take a little time out. Read more in the bio.

December 03, 2008

New Photos

I made some Zakk Wylde photos with my cell-phone. The concert in the Rohstofflager, Zurich was awsome. One of the greatest gigs I ever saw. The pictures are really bad, but it was an unforgetable evening. Two hours Black Label Society non stop!
But the best thing was when Zakk gave me a hug at the end of the concert! Okay, not only me, but who in this fuckin' world had a Zakk-hug? ehehe

November 23, 2008

Workin' on 2 new songs!

Rightnow, I'm workin on two new solo songs! I always write the best songs in bad times. I hope to finish them soon.

I don't care about the recording quallity, it's about the song! I don't care if people will like them or not! It's the message behind the songs!

One's called My Child (it's an accoustic song, just my guitar, me and my message). I write this song for my daughter...

The other songs called NME (=enemy). It'll be a very heavy song with heavy lyrics.

I will upload both songs soon at MySpace!

By the way... Check out my MySpace!It's comming in a new style!


November 02, 2008

Digital Art

I made some new pictures with CS3. I try to paint with my Photoshop. It's not very easy, but I'm getting better. I think once again I've got my own style. It's not the style that I prefer, but what can I do? -> Work on it...

We are still looking for bandmembers. We hopefuly found a drummer. I hope it will work out. And I also hope for getting time to play guitar again. I was pretty busy the last few weeks.

October 17, 2008

Raven at Pro7 in january 2009

Raven's got a short appearence at the Vincent Raven Special for the Next Uri Geller II Show.

"I met Vincent a few years before. He liked my Raven Tattoo, and we hang around in the same pub sometimes. He gave me the link to his homepage, but I never had the chance to come to his shows. When I heard, that he will appear in the Next Uri Geller Show in 2008 I had to vote for him.
Well, they made this recording for the next show in Bern and that was my chance to see a short cut of his show. But I didn't knew that I had to go on stage.
By the way I had the chance to meet Uri Geller. He's such a nice and friendly person."

The Next Uri Geller Show is seen at Pro7 in january next year. The special is seen one day before the first show. So look out for the show. And Raven's "embarrassing" appearence...

September 09, 2008


We (Keyboards & Guitars) are looking for bandmembers for a metal-band. We are open for new ideas and metal-styles. We are looking for our own style, coz we don't want to copy other bands.
Our practice room will be in Bern, Switzerland.
If somebody's interested; you can write me under

I also need a new Amptower, I will try some Amps out...

August 28, 2008

It's been a hard day's night...

and I've been working like a dog ...

I've finished my homepage today. Had a few problems with the html-frames, but i'm getting better. I still love Photoshop! xD

I think it looks more professional, but I'm open for any suggestions! -> and I'm still learning, coz you've never learned out!

August 25, 2008

New news-page

This is my new news page. It sounds funny, I know. But it's easyer to blog these days!
You can find my older news-page right here in the archives!

I made a few changes at my homepage in August!

Check also out my deviantART and MySpace page.