August 11, 2010

Even more news

Well, let's manage to write from on the go. :D

I am moving in March to London, and the Raven's Nest page have to die early 2011. :(
I moved ALL my pages & blogs to this page here. All other pages; incl. the score music blog, the diary and the portfolio are moving to this page.
It'll become my main page for my music AND art!

The older comments are not gone, I just added a for me better comment posting possibility. I used disqus already in other blogs. Your old comments are attached in a widget box... at the right side of this blog.

Feel free to pry around the new page/blog. ;)

Please follow my blog; there are 2 opportunities.
1. There's a follower box on the right. You can subscribe with your blogger account, Twitter, and/or other accounts.
2. Subscribe my RSS feeds. (scroll down to the related links.)
I'm still workin' on this page. As ever, I'm open for any suggestions. Feel free to write me.
Please visit also my other pages like: MySpace or iLike...

Don't forget to add this blog to your favourites before the other pages will be deleted in February 2011.

By the way, I'll doff my artist name "raVen". I'll keep it as a nickname in the iNet.
The problem is; years ago people used it as an epithet. I kept it cause I loved it, and because I'm addicted to these black birds. I was an exception who used 'Raven' as an artist name. Most people were disgusted by that name.
Today there are so many people who use Raven as an artist name or nickname. I'm sick N tired to be asked if I'm a fan of a particular artist. Or to hear that I copy a specific person! That sucks, big time!!! :(
Well, as I said I'm moving to England, and English speaking people can pronounce my name.
If you only know me under raVen, feel free to call me so, if you want to.
I was born as Leah Rachel Mackay, and I f**kin' hate Leah. I know it's a beautiful name, but Swiss pronounce it like the french: Lèa, and I really hate that. However, call me as ever you want, if you're able to say it in english; but I reverse Leah and Rachel...

A lot of information... lol

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August 06, 2010

A LOT news

I haven't post any news since a long time over here.

I am very busy at the moment. I am planing to move to London early next year. I'm planing this since one-and-a-half year now. We are in the end phase and that takes a lot time.
As you may know it is not easy for an artist over here in Switzerland. My daughter finished school, and would like to become a photographer, what is almost impossible in Switzerland. She shoudn't have to fight for every tiny little success like her mother.
There's no more time to waste for leaveing. I don't want to die over here anyway.

I had no time for music or art since I'm back from New Orleans, but I'll take time again.

I am even sure if I can keep this hompage address from the UK, but Raven's Nest will live on somehow. I mean the first Raven's Nest page was a Geocities page and moved to it's own address after years.

I became a big Blogger fan, so maybe I'll get a Blogspot page for my Raven's Nest as for my score music AND portfolio page.

I really can't wait to move. I never felt good in Switzerland. It's a kind of going home for me. Even if it's England. :) Don't forget to check the page out for any news.

By the way; I've deleted my facebook page. The period of probation is over. Everybody was convinced about it's push for success. And I knew facebook wouldn't help in any way. I don't need my personal friends in my fanlist. I need new listeners, fans and customers. MySpace is still my stage, and I've got my Twitter page, Reverb Nation etc... I don't need to be everywhere...