April 13, 2012

Who's Master's Voice?

I made a big childhood dream come true and bought me a His Master's Voice gramophone. I know it is a copy from India. But some people have not much money, and 100$ are a great price! At least this was already in that vintage shop when I was a child in the 80's. Must be a few decades old.
Well, I tried to adjust the HMV logo with my dog, but how can someone sit and watch at the same time? 

First try.

Well, almost.

April 05, 2012

Various raVen Logos

As many people know, I'm a huge Steampunk fan. I wondered lately why I haven't designed my logo in Steampunk style. Well, the answere is easy. I use a lot Steampuk, grunge and trashy brown backgrounds. Blue just shine out of all this yellow/browne. But what if there's an other background?
Here's my latest design or variation of my logo:

Original - blue version:

Which one do you like most? I like them both!

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