September 19, 2010

SNIA - Social Network Icon Army

I really should upload some of my killer snails. I adore snails. I played with snails as a kid and owned once a wee snail called 'Speedy'. We made snail racings as kids and we trained them. Well today kids play with Pokemon cards and we had snails. ^^
However... Most people, or creative people are drawing while they're on the phone, and I draw snails. I had this idea to draw killer snails, caterpillars, and butterflys. I never shared them with anyone yet. Except that my daughter showed mykiller snails to one of her friends, cause she also draws snails. Now she started to draw killer snails too. Darn, I should have made patents for them.

I also had this idea to make my own snail icons for my homepage, but they never fit to the page untill now. Well here's the idea and the execution:

Please visit my Bèhance page and don't forget to vote for my idea. You can download the 62x73 px .png icons for your personal use from my deviantART page.

September 10, 2010

Social Networks and Pages for musicians and bands

Most of you know howmuch I hate facebook. For me it's absolutely useless. Yes I tried it out for a year or something. I made a test because so many people said how cool an artist facebook-page is and how easy it is to achieve new fans.
Well, I had as I remember 29 fans and most if them were personal friends of mine. I made a lot promotion for that page, but no one cared.
I have way more luck with MySpace, but MySpace is making very bad changes. A lot people are leaving MySpace. I'm losing around 5-10 friends a week. No one is comming to have a listen and no one's care about the other artist anymore. Well, with the exception of a few user!
I have a ReverbNation account since 2009, I think. It's a quiet good network, but a bit of a mess. They made a lot changes through the years, good and bad. More good than bad, but there are too many informations! A lot musicians and bands are defecting to ReverbNation.

I get a lot invitations to new Networks at the moment. I thought it's time to collect them and compare them. Please send me every social network for musicians you know! (Not like Twitter etc.) I'd be very curious to hear from other musicians what they prefer and why!

Okay, for my part: I'm on MySpace, but they really have to think about their renewals. Facebook, no thank you. ReverbNation is pretty cool, but we need more bands and bit less mess. iLike is good, but nothing happens at my page. It's like ReverbNation two years ago. YouLicense is quiet good, but especially for composer. Soundcloud is useless for me...

I'm still looking for a for me good network, as MySpace was a year ago. I really miss the old MySpace and the chats with a lot bands, musicians and music fans. I've got already three pages in sight, but I'll wait for the right time. I don't need a dozen accounds.
It's the same with art, it took me 3 years till I signd up at deviantART and two or three years till I decided to make a behance account. 

September 02, 2010

at Behance Network

After I subscribed the deviantART Premium Membership the first time after 2 years at DeviantART I've decited to open a Behance Network account. DeviantART is cool, but there are a lot kids and people who confused DA with a family photo album. And people who like to show themselfs naked in a not artistic way...
Behance is a professional network for artists. I went to the arts school and worked for a few years as graphic designer and sign writer.
I couldn't work in the graphic or artwork industry anymore, but I'd really like to in addition to music. The job of my dreams was makeup artist in theatre or for film. Well, Stan Winston was and still is my big hero. I like to build scenery, but there's no chance in Switzerland, except for free in you spare time. It's a lot of fun, but we all have to eat, so I just built sceneries for bands or friends.
How ever, I'll take my chance in London in any of my creative talents.
To cut a long story short; here's the link to my Behance Network: