December 24, 2012

Infected Munny

Costumised 7" Munny. Inspired by the Song "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed. One of my favourite bands. The paint doesn't look authentic on these photos.
I miss my airbrush equipment at som points f my life. One of it was this. The Munny would look so much better. 

December 10, 2012

Swamp Raven

Acrylic on canvas, 50x50cm
I've got an older unfinished painting. There's a little raven in the corner. I'm not satisfied with the picture, but I really like the wee raven. I still have an empty space on my wall, and non of my paintings fit in this spot. So I decided to give this little raven his own painting.
I think I will paint more funny animals like him for sale.

Rusty 2.0 looking for a new home

This is Rusty!
Rusty is a little Munny robot. Me and a friend of mine built a robot as kids. I always loved robots, they are somehow fascinating.
As a Munny addict, I had to make another robot.
Some people asked me howmuch it would cost to buy Rusty. But Rusty is not for sale.
Well, Rusty and I decided to make a brother for him. He's looking for a cozy new home.
Now here he is:

Rusty with his brother Rusty II. 
Do you see the difference? Well there are actually a few. First of all. Rusty II is a 2.0 versin of Rusty. He's more accurately processed with more details. You just learn from your prototypes. He has also a longer hose to move his head. A blue tank on his back (Rusty's tank is red). And most important a much more authentic rust effect finish! He's 7" tall and comes with the original Munny box!

Back of Rusty II
rust details

I'm not sure where I will sell him: on ebay or etsy. If you're interested to buy him feel free to contact me! Still not sure about the pricing, cause the post charges are tremendous. But I guess around 140$ but will cut a part of the p&p. Or I'll sell it to the highest offer. We'll see. I'm open for any fair offer. I do not replay to spam or unreal prices! raven.mackay[at]

Rusty II (or 2.0) for sale!