December 29, 2013


Just played around with Photoshop for fun. This is my french bulldog, Alan. Everyone calls him Batman, cause he has bat ears and he's black. Had this idea for a while, but I just adore his "sad"-face. Enjoy!

November 07, 2013

The Death - Munny

He has many names, the death. He's the Death, the Grim Reaper, Dark Angel, Angel Of Death, Archangel Samael, Azra'il (or Azrael), the ferry man, Santa Muerte, Yama... Here he is in all of his appearances.

I have a huge crush on the personification of the Death. He is not only the one who takes the lives he also escort the souls to the other side and is also the guardian of the gate to the other world.
I think it's a shame how people became afraid of this character. It was nothing unusual about the death in the past.
I sew his clothes and cape of an old sweater. The scythe is made of clay, painted with acrylics. And comes with a paper wing.

October 25, 2013

Evil Jester Munny

This 7" Munny was a commission. My customer said, he likes; skulls, clowns, monsters, Heath Ledger as Joker... I love the evil version of the Jester. I saw the end result while he was telling his list of things he likes. I had a few problems with this one. The tails split while the clay has dried. It was quite a tricky work. We don't have good sculping clay over here, so I have to struggle whatever I have. hope he'll enjoy his figure!

October 20, 2013

Zombie Make-Up

I know, it's quite a while ago. But I never found the time to upload these pictures from the zombie make-up or mask i di for my beatiful daughter for the Zombie walk she organised. There are two pictures taken by someone. I asked the photographer on facebook to use them over here but never get an answere. So I just use them and if the photographer find it, please tell me that I can use them. I will credit you for sure!
Anyway. my biggest dream was always to become a make-up artist like Stan Winston. He is one of my biggest idols. Sadly he died in 2008. I still would to love to work as a make-up artist and sculptor for film and/or theatre. This is just the greatest job ever!

Picture taken by Sandy Mackay. Please like her FB photo page!

February 04, 2013

Spider Munny

Warning: Munny's make addicted. Cant stop customise them. :(
My latest work. 7" Spiderman Munny.

January 10, 2013


This 4" little creature has a X-Mini Speaker in his head. Left eye shines in blue or red. Made with a vinyl 4" Munny, X-Mini Speaker, sculping clay, hot glue and acrylic paint. And yes, it really works!