July 30, 2009

Looking for a band!!!

Hey everybody!
I'm looking for a band. No beginners, with gigs; ambitious and motivated. No fights and deceit in the band.
I'd like to play a lot styles, so I don't care if you're a metal, hard-rock or rock band.
For example: Disturbed, SOiL, Dope, Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Rammstein, Creed, Nickelback...

Send me an email to raven@ravens-nest.ch subject: "BAND"


As you know, I signed up at ReverbNation! It's a quit good site for musicians, fans or even labels or manager! You can sell your music, find new fans and listeners, get more gigs and a mailing list for your fans.
Here I've got some widgets and links for you. Enjoy!

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July 28, 2009

Become a fan

I've made an account at ReverbNation a few weeks ago! You can have a listen to my songs, become a fan or join my mailing list. The quality of the player is way better as the MySpace player.


July 23, 2009

Art and Switzerland

It’s not easy for Swiss artists to survive. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a musician, painter, designer, actor, novelist… Most people think artists are a bunch of lazy bugger. No matter how much they earn, or how hard they work! “Get a job!” is their answer if they find out what you’re doing!
For me the most shocking is they send artists to a psychiatrist or even in a nuthouse! That’s no exception!
Now what is art in Switzerland? Art is to hang a plastic horse on a steeple. Art is to sing about an alpine rose or a district, with a very easy melody. Other countries call it a children's song.
Art is to write about a national hero that never preexists. Okay the story about Wilhelm Tell is great written. Art is to build a church what looks like a slammer or a bunker.
There are so many creative and talented people in Switzerland but some are ashamed to admit; others just emigrate to live what they love!
H.R. Giger is a great Swiss artist, but for a long time he has been laughed at, derided and proscribed.
Switzerland lags behind the times in so many ways.
If I had to write a book about Switzerland, it would be exactly the same story as Michael Ende wrote years ago! It is a great novel and a great movie called Momo.
Just don’t try to be different. Creativity, uniqueness and talent are undesirable.
Sad but true!
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July 11, 2009


After a shooting at Wednesday, and two days of editing the pics, I've upload some of the pics at MySpace and changed the photos at my page. I also made a few changes at my homepage, but not much.
Copyright of the new pics by KultArt!
Four Songs are already finished, hope to work on new once next week. I have to finish about fourteen songs till end of this year.