January 18, 2009

German page

A lot of Swiss and German people are visiting my site. Most of them are telling me, that they love to visit my page, but they cannot understand most of the words. So, I decided to translate the whole homepage for them.
I'm very astonished, that most visitors are from the US. But I've got visitors from all around the world. Every month more and more visitors. That's very pleasing!

Greetz, raVen

January 16, 2009

First news for 2009

Do you remember me playing with "Exit" in the late 90's, and the reunion-gig in 2005?
Now we're a bit older and some of the members are dead or not really healthy, so we decided to play a final concert this summer. One Openair will be from the A&M Biker-Shop and maybe a second gig traditional in the Grupfte Gans in M√ľnsingen (near Bern CH).
More infos coming soon!

I'm still looking for a new amp and Band-member for our Band called: Black Sparrow! Yes, we've got the right name! :-D