December 13, 2008


I made a few changes and updates at my homepage. Most in the following categories: Biography (update), Extras & Music (changes).
I've got also new pictures in my Digital-Arts.
I'm still working at some new songs in my spare time, but I also have to take a little time out. Read more in the bio.

December 03, 2008

New Photos

I made some Zakk Wylde photos with my cell-phone. The concert in the Rohstofflager, Zurich was awsome. One of the greatest gigs I ever saw. The pictures are really bad, but it was an unforgetable evening. Two hours Black Label Society non stop!
But the best thing was when Zakk gave me a hug at the end of the concert! Okay, not only me, but who in this fuckin' world had a Zakk-hug? ehehe