©2010 Paegi
Most people know me as raVen (or Raven MacKay) the guitar/bass playing chick, or the Glasgow-girl.
Unfortunately born in the early 70's when all the good music was almost gone. Luckiely my parents liked that cool music, not like other kids parents, who didn't. So I grew up with the Stones, The Who, Hendrix, The Doors, Zeppelin, Clapton, Dylan etc. At the age of four, I had a small acoustic guitar. But I couldn´t play it at all. My father had a job at the national or royal theater, and I went to some talent shows. I was a big KISS-Fan in my early years, so we appeared as a wee KISS-band. I was very lucky to meet the original band personally, but for me it was more a shock as fun. (I was afraid of them.) But as a young shock-rock fan I survived and get over that experience, and changed to Sabbath and Alice Cooper.
I had also the chance to act in some plays. Mostly as extra, but als little roles.
My parents bought me a keyboard with 12. I wrote a couple of songs later, but this wasn´t really my instrument this time. Actually I couldn't play it at all. I picked up my fathers guitar with 14 and played melodies along. But when I saw Richie Sambora playing on television live, I knew what my regulation will be. He became one of my big idols. I'm a self thought guitar player. I never went to a teacher. I sat in front of our TV and tried to copy the fingering of the guitar player. But I started only in my early 20's to learn how to play guitar professionally. My early enthusiasm for shock-rock made me to this what I am today... a freak!
My absolutely biggest drem was to work for Stan Winston as makeup artist and sculptor. I could have the chance to be educated as makeup artist in Bamberg, Germany. But my parents didn't liked the idea. They always wanted to see me study. So I became a Graphic designer. Even tho' I didn't liked it. I love to paint, build things etc. but not for a boring, uptight and posh company.

I used to play in a few rock, blues, punkrock and melodic-metal bands guitar, sang in some of these bands and wrote a lot songs. I recorded 4 solo albums between 1997 and 2009, all recorded with independent record labels and were all limited prints. I played with a lots of international and also well known acts ´till 2003, in studio and live, and learned a lot about the music biz. For example to jam with B.B. King himself is an unforgettable moment; to get a serenade from Steven Tyler or hang out and jam with the guys from Georgia Satellites is memorable. etc. I met a lot of great musicians and I´m very proud to say; I had great teachers! I was lucky to join Steve Vai's Masterclass. I learned so much. I appreciate his appearance so much. As a huge movie and soundtack fan, it was always a dream for me to write some movie score beside of popular music. I only recorded a few tracks, yet.
My creative vein is inherited for better or worse. I love to paint, draw and calligraphy. I like to work with various materials. A big goal of mine is to make a stop animation film in the near future.

©1978 Let's raaaawk! ^^