January 22, 2010

Latest News

Arighty then. Now that I have finished my CD "Immortalised" I updated and re-arranged my hompage, too.
The category or link: music, biography and extras are gone. I replaced them through: equipment, about and downloads.
You can buy my record under downloads. I've made three videos yet, you'll find them also under downloads like the wallpapers etc. There is also the link to my Diary.
Equipment is only, as it said, about my equipment and my musical influences. About, is still my biography, but there you'll find some personal quotes.
Well, what else? I'll be in the States in April an May this year. I'll try to make a journey-blog.
Oh, by the way; sorry for the front-scene at my homepage. I know I'll never grow up. But I thought that would be cool. Well, it looks a bit funny, because I couldn't use every picture (only 10) for the gif. picture-data. But it still looks cool.

That's it for today!

January 15, 2010

CD-news - downloads

It's not easy to set a price for a CD! Every country has it's own prices. Now, I set my CD to 20 CHF (will be convertetd to your currency). So I won't charge any p&p for any country. That's fair enough for the prices, for every country, because I won't earn from overseas sales. However, that's the price for the CD.
Some people ask me: When can I download your songs from iTunes?
I'm workin' on it! As an unknown artist I won't earn money from some iTunes downloads. iTunes takes a lot royalties. I know it's easier for some of you to download a song for $0.99, and it's fair for an artist who sells thousands of CDs. But for me; I worked over nine month on that record, gave my regular job up. iTunes is a non profit option for me. It would be almost the same as if I'd gave the songs free to download at any page. So, please be patient, cause first I have to sell enough CD to give you that opportunity to download the songs on iTunes.
But I think it's not a big deal to buy a CD instead of an iTunes downoad. But I'm really workin' on it!

Thanks for your patience!

January 06, 2010

The Making Of "Viktor"

This is my first music video ever. I made this collaboration song with Mindmovie, and people really liked the song. So, I thought; how about a video? Well, it was not really easy, cause the Song is based on the Underworld movie character "Viktor". Well, as we all know movie clips are under copyright, so I had this idea of an animation thing. I always wanted to do an animation short-film. I didn't want to make a comic style thing. It was a lot of work and it took ages and donno how many hours to draw and animate and build the whole thing. First I drew the detailed pictures, but bloody hell it took days for one picture, and I really worked almost day and night. I decided to stop torturing myself and started to draw these shadowy black and white pictures. The technique has a name, but I have no idea how they call it. Sorry...
Well, some are a bit faked, because I took one picture and just redesigned or transformed it. The fasterparts look really realistic, I think that's becaue it's fast, and our brains cannot handle the details. So that's why it looks like a movie.
By the way, I watched all Viktor's scenes in slow motion of all tree movies to study Bill Nighy's face, movings and mimic. Jesus, this man has an incredible facial expression.
Here are a few exaples of the houndrets of pictures. Well it sounds a lot but as I said before, some pictures are actually one and the same...
Sword scene: I used the diffuser tool to make the transitions smoother.
This is a great example to show how undetailed a lot pictures are, but you cannot see it in the fast moving.
These two scenes are an exampe for one and the same picture. Well, I didn't changed anything, just zoomed in to one eye. (picture below) This was one of the pictures I worked a few days on.
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January 01, 2010


As already announced, IMMORTALISED is officially out on 02/10/2010 (February the 10th.). I found a possibility to sell the CDs in several online-shops. But that'll take a few weeks. Till then I need some money on my paypal account. lol
You can order the CD on my homepage under music. I hope the button works. - Just a joke!
There's also a player on the page, where you can pre-listen the songs. We'll send the CD's early out. So if you order it early enough you'll get it first! Well, not really, because I already sold some pieces!
I think I also made a message box, where you can send me a short message, too. If you'd like to have a signed copy or whatever.

Oh, that's my first blog entry in this decade! Cool!
So, let me immortalise you, and buy the CD! Thanks for everyone!