October 26, 2009


I love fractal art. I found this program called Apophysis accidently when I was looking some photoshop artworks. Someone asked how he could make such awesome fractal arts, and the artist recommended this open source program. It's astonishing how many options you've got with Apophysis. It's not easy first but after a few hours you get into it. I download it two days ago, and these are my first results, yet. You should look out for professional users. I'll post a video from YouTube to show you the possibilities. Visit also my Portfolio to see my artworks. I hope you like them. Have fun! All 5 pictures (c) 2009 by raVen MacKay! The YouTube video is NOT made by me!

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October 15, 2009

Promo Video

I've uploaded my first Video on YouTube. It's a promo video to my upcoming album. The original song called "Viktor", a collaboration with the amazing Mindmovie, but this is an exclusive promo-version shortcut. The original song is different to the promo-version.
Please feel free to comment and rate the video. It's my first try to make a video so it's nothing special.

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October 06, 2009

Latest news

The album cover voting doesn't flow as it should. We receive a lot of e-mails which one people like most, but they don't vote! Only 19 votes, yet. But we've got e-mail votes most for the vampire one and some for the stone one. So over 50% are for the vampire cover. We'll run the voting 'till end of this month, so you still have the chance to vote, but VOTE on this page: Raven's Diary
After a lot of requests and advices, she'll make the trousers darker.

Ravens workin' on two collaborations at the moment a bit pressurized. 6 Songs are done yet. Her goal are 14 songs 'till end of this year.
Look out for the MySpace page next month. It'll become a new character apposite to the new CD. Raven's also looking for an opportunity to make a video to one of her songs, and maybe also a little advertizing for the CD.