September 02, 2015

Folded Katana

There are many reasons why Katana are very special swords. One is; the Katana choose it's leader and not the other way round. This is my second Katana. I had my first Katana with 12 or 13. I had to sell it a few years ago. But I missed it big time. So it was time for a new one. I was looking in the internet for the right sword and had like 4 favourites. But I had to feel and see the swords in person. As I held them in my hands, none of them felt right. One was a red Katana, one looked almost like my old one and one was a Ninja sword, and I don't even remember the 4th one. They lookes all cool and beautiful. So the shop owner gave me one other Katana. I really liked it but it doesn't felt right. He said he has almost the same with an other tsuba. It's heavier and a really, really good sword. Much better as the other ones. So the Katana found me. It's like a bond. It sounds strange or ridiculous for some people; but as long you've never lead a Katana you won't understand.
I former times it was widely believed that some swords had a soul and live a life of their own and gave them therefore also personal names.
The Katana is the master of swords. It is the deadliest swords, ever. It's somehow almost holy. It's not just a weapon. It's an art form to handle this sword. It is art!
She just needs a proper name!

Edit: The Katana is very well balanced and survived some cutting tests. It is indeed a very nice sword. I already named it  影 (Kage) = Shadow.

The sword is hand-forged from carbon steel in the traditional way. The Damascus was folded 12 times. The blade is provided with a groove in order to reduce the weight. The Tsuka is made of wood, lined with authentic ray skin and black cotton wrapped. On handle two Mekugis (bamboo dowels) are attached. This Katana can be completely dismantled and is very sharp.
The sword is suitable for cutting exercises.