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Songs: Immortalised - Tunes Of War - Viktor - The Pain In Me - Crying Whales - Reproach (pt.2) - Soundtrack Of Your Life - Welcome To Your Funeral - Something In The Dark - Farewell - Shot In The Dark - Viktor's Theme

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INSTRUMENTS: guitars, bass & keys

INFLUENCES: Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Steve Vai, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Richie Sambora, Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan...
and a lot movies...

My enthusiasm for music came already during my early years. I love Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne since the early time. I was into rock, metal, and gothic very early, but mostly shock-rock... Today I´m listening to a lots of stuff, but especially rock, blues, melodic-metal, and movie soundtracks.

I played in a few rock, blues and goth/metal bands, and also performed with some well known international artists live and in studio.
I've recorded four solo albums between 1996 and 2009. 'Welcome To My World' my first record was primary an unplugged album, in Bob Dylan style. 
At the second album 'Time Switch' were some selected songs I've written from 1987. Some songs were already at the first album, but this time all played by e-guitars. 
'Raven' sold 5000 times, that was my limitation, cause I didn't liked the recordings. I'm still not satisfied, and embarrassed by the audio-quality. This album one was a bit darker. Some people classify 'Raven' as a goth-rock album, recorded during 2001 and early 2002. The Song 'Ugly' was used in a short movie.
My latest record 'Immortalised' is a pure instrumental album. I tried to mix rock music with some film score tunes. I love challanges, and wanted to record an only instrumental record. I love to score films and I tried to combine my two passions, rock with film music. There are also 3 collab-song on the CD.
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1997 BiG.L Records
1. Welcome To The World
2. Once 
3. Song For You
4. Didn't I Tell You
5. Angel Boy
6. Cherish Your Life
7. Don't Try To Change Me
8. The River
9. Didn't I Tell You (1995)
10.Why (1989)
2001 BiG.L Records
1. R.I.P. Yesterday
2. The River
3. Didn't I Tell You
4. It Is Enough
5. I Burn Your Bedroom Down
6. But My Guitar Wants To Sing
7. Vampire
8. Angel Boy
9.Welcome To The World
10.Fightin' For Freedom
11.Nobody (The Monster)

2002 Wovensack Music
1. Freakshow
2. It Is Enough
3. Welcome To The World
4. Let It Rain
5. Raven's Song
6. Reproach (pt 1)
7. Much Too Late
8. Vampire
9. Raven With My Broken Wings
10.Whatever I
11.Didn't I Tell You
                                                                              12. Ugly

2010 Raven's Nest
1. Immortalised (Intro)
2. Tunes Of War
3. Viktor
4. The Pain In Me
5. Crying Whales
6. Reproach (pt. 2)
7. Soundtrack Of Your Life
8. Welcome To Your Funeral
9. Sonething I The Dark
11.Shot In The Dark
   12.Viktor's Theme


EXIT live 2005
Live at Rock in Ghetto2008

People asked me for score-music for video games and shortfilms.
I love to collaborate with other musicians, composers and filmmaker. For licensing music for your project contact me or visit YouLicense:

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Chatting with Steve Vai. A very unfavourable picture. I hate photographer.
I tried to edit the overexposure at least.