February 26, 2009

UNDERWORLD - Rise of the Lycans

A Second-generation Lycan shown in Underworld....Image via Wikipedia
Once again a movie, no a legendary movie, is not shown in Swiss cinemas! This is the third interesting movie for me, not shown in Swiss cinemas. Whatta shame!

The Rise of the Lycans is the beginning of the whole Underworld saga. Viktor, the Vampire leader found a young Lycan, Lucian. He escapes the Lycan-boy. Lycons live in eslavement, and Lucian is Viktor's best man and personal smith. Lucian is in secret love with Viktor's beautiful daughter Sonja who serves Lucian to escape. Lucian become the leader in their blood feud between Vampires and their former slaves the Lycons. The cruel Vampire leader Viktor arrests Sonja to attract Lucian...

My review:
If you love the Underworld saga, you will love the Rise of the Lycans! The tragic story is great. The director made a phantastic work. Lot of action and emotion. Not for the faint-hearted!

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