July 23, 2009

Art and Switzerland

It’s not easy for Swiss artists to survive. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a musician, painter, designer, actor, novelist… Most people think artists are a bunch of lazy bugger. No matter how much they earn, or how hard they work! “Get a job!” is their answer if they find out what you’re doing!
For me the most shocking is they send artists to a psychiatrist or even in a nuthouse! That’s no exception!
Now what is art in Switzerland? Art is to hang a plastic horse on a steeple. Art is to sing about an alpine rose or a district, with a very easy melody. Other countries call it a children's song.
Art is to write about a national hero that never preexists. Okay the story about Wilhelm Tell is great written. Art is to build a church what looks like a slammer or a bunker.
There are so many creative and talented people in Switzerland but some are ashamed to admit; others just emigrate to live what they love!
H.R. Giger is a great Swiss artist, but for a long time he has been laughed at, derided and proscribed.
Switzerland lags behind the times in so many ways.
If I had to write a book about Switzerland, it would be exactly the same story as Michael Ende wrote years ago! It is a great novel and a great movie called Momo.
Just don’t try to be different. Creativity, uniqueness and talent are undesirable.
Sad but true!
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