October 06, 2009

Latest news

The album cover voting doesn't flow as it should. We receive a lot of e-mails which one people like most, but they don't vote! Only 19 votes, yet. But we've got e-mail votes most for the vampire one and some for the stone one. So over 50% are for the vampire cover. We'll run the voting 'till end of this month, so you still have the chance to vote, but VOTE on this page: Raven's Diary
After a lot of requests and advices, she'll make the trousers darker.

Ravens workin' on two collaborations at the moment a bit pressurized. 6 Songs are done yet. Her goal are 14 songs 'till end of this year.
Look out for the MySpace page next month. It'll become a new character apposite to the new CD. Raven's also looking for an opportunity to make a video to one of her songs, and maybe also a little advertizing for the CD.

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