November 25, 2009

New at Facebook

After a hot discussion at a German music blog, I've decided to carry out a test.
The blogger, and I think music coach, claimed that Facebook is a way better networking place to get fans as MySpace. This guy gives tips for musicians, but I totally disagree in this case.
I think MySpace is the best place for musicians. I met so many great people at MySpace. And how to become fans at Facebook if you're an unknown or barely known artist?
I like the MySpace layout. I can make my own layout. I don't like the Facebook layout. I can present my music and me at MySpace way better as at Facebook.
After I commented the blog some guy replayed me immediately, and a hot discussion was not to avoidance.
So I decided to make my Facebook fanpage. I do not believe to get any real fans at this page. Of course friends will join this page and maybe some friend's friends. But real fans?
Let's see what happens, but I don't think to get at least 100 freinds together.
Have a look and join if you like. xD

Raven's Facebook Fanpage

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