November 15, 2009

Swords & Knifes VII - Claymore

This piece is of course one of my favourite swords. I call it tenderly my toothpick. (Because it's so "small".)
The gaelic name for this sword is claidheamh mòr, what means big sword. As I said a toothpick! :-)
It is a two-handed Scottish Highlander sword. The Claymore is still used by the Highland regiments of the British Army. It was used in the clan warfare and border fights with the English.
This sword I own is certainly a replica, but the original sword was used by Highland clans of the late 15th and 16th centuries. It's replicared from a surviving museum piece.
It was original carried slung on the back.
This Claymore is of high carbon spring steel, with a leather covered grip.

Blade length: 120 cm (47")
Handle length: ca. 33 cm (13")
Overall length: 153 cm (60")
Weight: ca. 5lb
Value: around 125 $
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  1. The claymore sword is the most famous swords in terms of military and medieval swords.