March 15, 2009


Well, how I can see some people like my art stuff... That would be nice, IF these people wouldn't take my pictures and publish on their own homepages.
Well read my FAQ:

© All pictures and texts are protected under trademark and copyright laws. Copying picture and text excerpts is an infringement of our rights and is prohibited. the use of these texts, arts and images requires my personal express permission. Without the permission, scanning and posting and otherwise distributing these images and texts violates the law!

I'm not happy to see my pictures without permission on other peoples pages.
I'm forces to put a BIG © Copyright on every picture. A big work for me. I tried to contact these persons, without success.

So please ask for permission! Thanx!

March 12, 2009

My Diary online

My new diary is online. Well, it is actually not a diary, but something where I write my thoughts an interests! It is is for everyone who wants to know more about me, my interests and what I'm into! The diary is only in English, but read more at my "Extras" page.
Or follow this LINK