December 29, 2009

Almost ready

My recordings and masterings are done. I've got the covers... Well, let's burn that thing!
Okay, I've already sold some CD's to people who couldn't wait. Have to send some covers around! heheee
I'm looking for an opportunity to sell them on the internet. It's not easy to get a credit card in Switzerland, and I need one. But till then, you can order them from me. Just send me an E-Mail to: or send me a message to

I'm workin' on an animation-short-movie to my collab song "Viktor". The first 6 seconds are done (48 pictures). So, it'll take a while till I'm ready to upload it. That are the news for today. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

December 15, 2009

2/10/2010 or the day when you'll be immortalised!

I'm workin' on my last two songs for the album. Respectly I'm finishing a recording till christmas and waiting for my last collaboration! There will be only 3 collabs on this album. I cannot wait for everyone and everything.
The day of release is February the 10th 2010. What a magical date.
There are 12 songs on the longplayer. Including an Intro and two bonus tracks.
As you may know I had a lot problems with recordings. A broken computer, a broken guitar, songs that don't work out or doesn't fit to the other songs. So 5 or 6 songs won't come on this album. And I had problems with some collaboration partners. As I said before, I cannot wait till someone's got time, if someone promised me he'll finish it in time. And I asked no one to help me out. However, I'm almost sadisfied with my songs. The cover is also done with the booklet and inlay. I have to master the tracks in January and give my coverwork to the copy-shop.
I will put the CD on some online shops, but I'm not sure if this will work out till February. But you can order the album from me. I'll send them post free all over Switzerland.