August 06, 2010

A LOT news

I haven't post any news since a long time over here.

I am very busy at the moment. I am planing to move to London early next year. I'm planing this since one-and-a-half year now. We are in the end phase and that takes a lot time.
As you may know it is not easy for an artist over here in Switzerland. My daughter finished school, and would like to become a photographer, what is almost impossible in Switzerland. She shoudn't have to fight for every tiny little success like her mother.
There's no more time to waste for leaveing. I don't want to die over here anyway.

I had no time for music or art since I'm back from New Orleans, but I'll take time again.

I am even sure if I can keep this hompage address from the UK, but Raven's Nest will live on somehow. I mean the first Raven's Nest page was a Geocities page and moved to it's own address after years.

I became a big Blogger fan, so maybe I'll get a Blogspot page for my Raven's Nest as for my score music AND portfolio page.

I really can't wait to move. I never felt good in Switzerland. It's a kind of going home for me. Even if it's England. :) Don't forget to check the page out for any news.

By the way; I've deleted my facebook page. The period of probation is over. Everybody was convinced about it's push for success. And I knew facebook wouldn't help in any way. I don't need my personal friends in my fanlist. I need new listeners, fans and customers. MySpace is still my stage, and I've got my Twitter page, Reverb Nation etc... I don't need to be everywhere...


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