September 02, 2010

at Behance Network

After I subscribed the deviantART Premium Membership the first time after 2 years at DeviantART I've decited to open a Behance Network account. DeviantART is cool, but there are a lot kids and people who confused DA with a family photo album. And people who like to show themselfs naked in a not artistic way...
Behance is a professional network for artists. I went to the arts school and worked for a few years as graphic designer and sign writer.
I couldn't work in the graphic or artwork industry anymore, but I'd really like to in addition to music. The job of my dreams was makeup artist in theatre or for film. Well, Stan Winston was and still is my big hero. I like to build scenery, but there's no chance in Switzerland, except for free in you spare time. It's a lot of fun, but we all have to eat, so I just built sceneries for bands or friends.
How ever, I'll take my chance in London in any of my creative talents.
To cut a long story short; here's the link to my Behance Network:

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