September 19, 2010

SNIA - Social Network Icon Army

I really should upload some of my killer snails. I adore snails. I played with snails as a kid and owned once a wee snail called 'Speedy'. We made snail racings as kids and we trained them. Well today kids play with Pokemon cards and we had snails. ^^
However... Most people, or creative people are drawing while they're on the phone, and I draw snails. I had this idea to draw killer snails, caterpillars, and butterflys. I never shared them with anyone yet. Except that my daughter showed mykiller snails to one of her friends, cause she also draws snails. Now she started to draw killer snails too. Darn, I should have made patents for them.

I also had this idea to make my own snail icons for my homepage, but they never fit to the page untill now. Well here's the idea and the execution:

Please visit my Bèhance page and don't forget to vote for my idea. You can download the 62x73 px .png icons for your personal use from my deviantART page.

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