November 26, 2010

AXES: 'Black Pearl' - Cort bass

It was in 2006. I sat in the cinema watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. After the film there was a short message on my mobile phone: 'I need some help could you call me please?'
It was from a musician mate. We already played together and our kids were good friends. Well, as helpful as I am I called the bloke. It turned out, that they needed a new band member. But the clue was... they needed a bass player. I never played bass before.
At August the 1st. we had a band meeting, and I said; I can't promise anything, but I'll borrow a bass from somewhere, and I'll tell them in a few weeks.
I called an old band mate. He borrowed me his bloody old bass and it was horrible to play. I tried to learn these two songs, but I hated to play this bass. I called my mate up, and said: 'No, can't do it. I hate playing bass.' A day or two later I had this mail with a picture of this beauty of a five string bass. We drove to this young lad, with this 6 months old bass, and it was like heaven. I really fell in love with this axe.
I bought it, and as we sat in the car, with a brand new bass on my legs, I said: I call it Black Pearl.
My buddy laughed, cause he knew I'm really in love with this bass, and I'll join the band. And so I did. A few month later in spring 2007 we had our first gig, me playing bass.
Well, in the beginning I had my problems, but then I thought, it's a guitar with only 5 strings. People thought I had a special style to play. One guy, a bass player from a quite known band said to me: "You where born with a bass in your hands, aren't you." I laughed and said: no I started to play 8 month ago... but he didn't believe me.

Anyway, I always wanted to play bass on my solo projects.

To the details: A 5-string Cort action bass V. Serial Number: 040106726. Made in Indonesia.
But believe me this bass has power as hell. A very dark, deep tone.
Body: Agathis (bolt on)
Neck: Maple with rosewood Fretboard (Modern C shape)
Frets: 24/Large, white dot inlays
Pickups: PSJC-F & PSJC-R - 2 volume, 1 tone knobs
chrome hardware, bridge EB5(5)

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