November 27, 2010

AXES: X-Calibur - Ibanez RG

An Ibanez was one of my big dreams I had. I actually wanted a RG-350 but couldn't afford it. I know they only cost $ 450 in the US. But the double in Switzerland.
Someone told me about this guy who bought a RG-370. Actually the same guiar but without a pickguard, and black hardware. That's all. But I like chrome hardware and guitars with pickguards. Well, the guy bought this guitar and hated the black finish. He also hates locking trems. He screw around the bolts and the guitar was totaly out of tune. You couldn't tune it properly. However. He told me on the phone he'll sell it for 500 bucks. (Brand new guitar only used one time). Well I told him, the new price is around 800 and it's used... I told him I'll pay 450 and not more. Okay, we made a date and he told me later on the phone, he'll give it to me for 350 cause he can't find the guard for the back. 
The day I was there to test and buy it he said, he'll give it for 200 cash, cause, he played around with the trem bolts, and it doesn't work anymore. lol
Yeah, so I get an 800 $ guitar for 200.

Body: basswood
Neck/Fretboard: Wizard II, 3pc maple neck and rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets. Sharktooth inlays
Bridge: Edge III locking tremolo
Pickups: neck: INF3 hams, mid: INFs3 single coil, bridge: INF4
Black finish. Serial No. I060522337
I want to change the pickups later for some Evolutions (DiMarzio). Or maybe an Evo for the bridge and a Blaze (or a PAFF) for the neck. Let's see. 
Oh and this guitar had an accident, too. It was during the recordings to Immortalised. I was sooo irritated. 
I am one of the most careful person with my guitars. I do polish them all the time. Nobody's allowed to touch them. One of my former boyfriends was jealous for my guitars. And non of my guitars is in one piece. Shame on me! 

This axe is a dream to play. I really love it a lot. It is always nicely in tune, no matter  what you do. I used it as main guitar at my instrumental album: Immortalised.

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