November 03, 2010

Noeye People - Whom Eye Is This?

©2010 raVen MacKay
NoeyePeople - Noeye boy
Whom Eye Is This?
NoeyePeople do not like eyes. 
This is from one of my sketchbooks. I thought I could colour some of them also with Photoshop before colouring with watercolours or crayons. I always drew skinny people and snails (sometimes caterpillars or worms, and moshrooms) while I'm on the phone or when I had to wait somewhere. I duped them before someone asked me: "Why don't you keep them and collect them." Now I have a few sketch-books, where I collect my stupid daubing.
I just saw how many artists at DeviantArt have similar drawings. I'm solouring my unfinished or ain't coloured scrawls with Photoshop. And will upload them here too, like my other arts. I'll also upload some watercoloured stuff too. Look out for future art bloggings. Or at best you follow me here at Blogspot! 8^P

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