January 09, 2011

GUITAR WORKSHOP II - Floyd Rose II: How to block

The basic principles of the action of a double...Image via WikipediaWell, actually I don't understand people who buy a guitar with a locking tremolo, and want to block the trem. Or a tremolo guitar anyway. That's bollocks! Or does it look cool? ...as you could use it...
Anyway, if you want to lock your Floyd-Rose-like tremolo you better follow this blog:

There are different ways to block your tremolo. You can bring your guitar to an expert, who's gonna put a black-box into your guitar, but you can't change it back afterwards.

Or you do it yourself:
Adjust your whammy to the exact position! The Tremolo should be parallel with the guitar body! It's very important! (see picture ^) Open your back of your guitar.

There are actually two options for you. If you'd still like to use the trem in one way, you can put a piece of a harder wood into the gap between the vibrato-lock and the body milling groove (under the springs). The wood's size should be around 4.5 cm long and 1-1.5 cm wide. Sand your wood to the perfect size. Test sometimes if it really fits. After you're shure it's perfect put the wood vertical in the gap. Put a bit glue into the gap, take out the springs and lay the wood down. The vibrato-block shouldn't move.

The other way is to put another harder-wood behind the vibrato lock, too. but you cannot uce the trem afterwards anymore!
You could also use a tremolo stabiliser from Tremol-No. They have dealers in the US, Japan, in most European countries, and some countries in South America. Check their page out. I think that's the best way to block your tremolo if you want to block it, for whatever reason...

If you don't have the money, try my version, but take care. If you destroy your guitar it costs you more as an expert or a Temol-No. ;)

I found a good picture in the German guitar magazine: "Solo 3/98"

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