December 10, 2012

Rusty 2.0 looking for a new home

This is Rusty!
Rusty is a little Munny robot. Me and a friend of mine built a robot as kids. I always loved robots, they are somehow fascinating.
As a Munny addict, I had to make another robot.
Some people asked me howmuch it would cost to buy Rusty. But Rusty is not for sale.
Well, Rusty and I decided to make a brother for him. He's looking for a cozy new home.
Now here he is:

Rusty with his brother Rusty II. 
Do you see the difference? Well there are actually a few. First of all. Rusty II is a 2.0 versin of Rusty. He's more accurately processed with more details. You just learn from your prototypes. He has also a longer hose to move his head. A blue tank on his back (Rusty's tank is red). And most important a much more authentic rust effect finish! He's 7" tall and comes with the original Munny box!

Back of Rusty II
rust details

I'm not sure where I will sell him: on ebay or etsy. If you're interested to buy him feel free to contact me! Still not sure about the pricing, cause the post charges are tremendous. But I guess around 140$ but will cut a part of the p&p. Or I'll sell it to the highest offer. We'll see. I'm open for any fair offer. I do not replay to spam or unreal prices! raven.mackay[at]

Rusty II (or 2.0) for sale!

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