January 03, 2014

The Progression of a Munny

This is my latest work the Black Sabbath "Never Say Die" Munny or how the famous US Tour-Shirt of 1979 came to life...
I know I should make much mre pictures, but I can't stop working on something to take picts. If I'm working on something, I just can't stop. Sometimes I work day and night on something. Just learned to take a break in the last few years. (I'm getting old and my eyes have to rest. lol)
Check him also out on My deviantArt page!!!
I'm not quite satisfied with the end product. Maybe the next time.

This is a blank vinyl Munny from Kidrobot. Sorry for the poor picture. Trying out my "new" cam.

I chop his ears off and put some tape on it.

I sculped the head (helmet) wth sculping clay.

Again poor picture. :-( I made some finishing touch, let it dry and sand it a bit.

This is the end result from the back, with the devil logo.

End result from the front. I wanted to make a pictuer of the black primer, but I was too enthusiastic to stop painting. (Sorry!)

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