January 01, 2010


As already announced, IMMORTALISED is officially out on 02/10/2010 (February the 10th.). I found a possibility to sell the CDs in several online-shops. But that'll take a few weeks. Till then I need some money on my paypal account. lol
You can order the CD on my homepage under music. I hope the button works. - Just a joke!
There's also a player on the page, where you can pre-listen the songs. We'll send the CD's early out. So if you order it early enough you'll get it first! Well, not really, because I already sold some pieces!
I think I also made a message box, where you can send me a short message, too. If you'd like to have a signed copy or whatever.

Oh, that's my first blog entry in this decade! Cool!
So, let me immortalise you, and buy the CD! Thanks for everyone!


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