January 06, 2010

The Making Of "Viktor"

This is my first music video ever. I made this collaboration song with Mindmovie, and people really liked the song. So, I thought; how about a video? Well, it was not really easy, cause the Song is based on the Underworld movie character "Viktor". Well, as we all know movie clips are under copyright, so I had this idea of an animation thing. I always wanted to do an animation short-film. I didn't want to make a comic style thing. It was a lot of work and it took ages and donno how many hours to draw and animate and build the whole thing. First I drew the detailed pictures, but bloody hell it took days for one picture, and I really worked almost day and night. I decided to stop torturing myself and started to draw these shadowy black and white pictures. The technique has a name, but I have no idea how they call it. Sorry...
Well, some are a bit faked, because I took one picture and just redesigned or transformed it. The fasterparts look really realistic, I think that's becaue it's fast, and our brains cannot handle the details. So that's why it looks like a movie.
By the way, I watched all Viktor's scenes in slow motion of all tree movies to study Bill Nighy's face, movings and mimic. Jesus, this man has an incredible facial expression.
Here are a few exaples of the houndrets of pictures. Well it sounds a lot but as I said before, some pictures are actually one and the same...
Sword scene: I used the diffuser tool to make the transitions smoother.
This is a great example to show how undetailed a lot pictures are, but you cannot see it in the fast moving.
These two scenes are an exampe for one and the same picture. Well, I didn't changed anything, just zoomed in to one eye. (picture below) This was one of the pictures I worked a few days on.
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