March 14, 2010

Time for a news updates!

First of all I want to say, there's a second CD review from my US friend and musician Adam R. Bissing in the comments of the first review from Wolfgang. You can also read the review at MySpace! Don't forget to visit Adam's MySpace page. You can find him in my top-friends under Bis.
At this place I really want to recommend to buy his album, and of course Mindmovie's CD: An Ocean Of Dreams. I recorded the song "Viktor" with him, and he's an absolutely talented composer and musician. As I say; he's a truely magician.

Okay, I also changed my score music page to a blog page. It is easier and clearer for everyone. I am recording some score tunes for sale. I have a lot plans for the future and I am workin' really hard on it!
I'm also composing some backing music to Mystery's Games next adventure game.

BY THE WAY! I am looking for music I've already wrote. Yes! I've licensed some of my tunes to other people as jingles or credit music for short films years ago. I did this just for fun at that time, but now I need any validations to show new clients some credits. Please if you read this; E-MAIL ME!

I'm away in April / May for a US trip. I'll try to update my Diary blog with daily news, resp. a daily diary with photos etc from New Orleans and other places. So don't forget to check out the blog from mid April. (I hope I'll get the time to post).
I've also put the google followers box back to all my news pages. Please sign up or follow my RSS-Feeds.

Well, if you're interested in any backing music for a short (or long) film, a game, an advertising. If you need a track for your teaser etc. Contact me and visit my score music page. I am working on my plans, and I'll post much more news, with much more informations later.

Till then: 

PS: Oh, I've deleted the German page. The news are still in German but the info pages are linking to the English page! Read my older posts before you ask me why.

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