November 21, 2010

AXES: 'Hell Machine' - Epiphone SG

My problem child. I bought this guitar during the CD recordings for my 'Raven' album in 2001. I needed a badass hot guitar sound but I had not much money to spend. The producer of the album said he could borrow me a bit money, but I don't wanted any money.
Anyway, we went to a few guitar shops, and suddenly I heard someone playing this guitar. Remind me on Black Sabbath. There he was; a long haired guy, with an ugly olive-green SG.
I tested the guitar and it was beautiful to play, but the shop owner said, I'd have to take the green one. He won't order a new SG until this one's sold.
I went to the next guitar-shop and ordered this SG-Special. The owner said it's a crap guitar, because it's cheap. He called me on a Tuesday that my guitar arrived, but I had no time to fetch it until saturday. Next saturday, the same guy was so excited about the sound of my new SG.

My big fault was, I put some Zakk Wylde ghs strings on it and tuned it down to C. That was in 2009. And the guitar couldn't keep the thik heavy strings. The neck broke. I had always a few probs with my cheap Epiphone. Now I know why it was so cheap. But it sounds really great, and I will fix it again, but real. I probabl need a new neck or something. And if I only use it as decoration. I love this guitar. Actually I should buy a real good Gibson SG. (Or ask Tony Iommi to give me one of his.)

How ever, here are the guitar details:
Epiphone SG Special
Body: alder/mapl, black
Neck: bolt-on maple, rosewood 22 fretboard, dot inlays
2x open coil humbuckers
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