November 20, 2010

AXES: 'William' - Ovation

It's funny cause when I bought my Ovation only country guitarists and singer played them. Everybody laught when they've seen my Ovation for the first time.
In my mind, they are the most beautiful acoustic guitars of all time. I had western guitars before but I hate the huge bodies. Ovations have 4 different bows, and I love the slim, shallow bodies.
Mine is the celebrity deluxe cc 257 cutaway. As far as I know they were just sold until the late 90's.
I love the cherry red finish, and the peculiar Ovation multi-soundholes. It reminds me of autumn. I also adore the curved head with the well designed Ovation logo. The diamond/dot inlays are pretty cool. A very well designed guitar.
You really have to love them or hate them. A lot people do not like the Ovation sound and the "plastic" back of the body.
But the coolest thing is the pickups and the equaliser, bass boost and volume. It's not Ovations invention, but one of the first guitars with an integrated EQ. Gorgeous!

The neck broke in 1998 in our bandroom. I went to spend a penny... and when I came back the guitar was in two pieces. (In the guitar rack...) The boys havent seen or heard anything... I was quite sad about it, cause I really love my William. I brought it to a local guitar maker, but he said it's a 50-50 job. He could glue it, but wood and plasic is a bit difficult, but he gave me an address of a company who do repair such guitars a lot more as he do. I'm still afraid, but it's still in one! I'm very thankful for that. (Knock on wood.)

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