November 19, 2010

AXES: 'Richie' - Fender Strat

This is my first self earned non cheap "I want THIS"-guitar. A self tuned US Standard Fender Stratocaster.
It's quite a funny story, cause it was exactly like in Waynes World. There was this new sunburst strat, and I fell in love with it from the first sight. I asked the salesman to trying it out, and it was even more love. I worked near the music store and I couldn't keep the hands off this beauty. The stuff already knew: Oh she's here again to "try" it out; once again.
After a few weeks, the boss of the store told me to buy it or leave it. I told him I had already 1000.- $ saved. The new price was 1650.- $! I didn't want an other Fender Strat. I wanted particularly THIS guitar. After dashing to and fro for a whil he said: "We have a special offer next week anyway." He gave me the giuitar for 650.- $ cheaper! Actually I got every of my guitars a bit cheaper as the selling price.

But now to my baby:
Name: Richie, or Richard I (for non-friends)
The serial number: N7228809
N7 stands for the build year: 1997 - The same year I bought it! :) (plus 6 digits)
Body and neck were also build in 1997 (can't remember what month.)
Neck: 22 frets, dot inlays,  one piece maple
Body:  alder 3-tone sunburst
Hardware: chrome, Schaller tremolo

I used the guitar on my album 'Time Switch' and 'Raven' as main guitar.
This series comes in a 3-tone sunburst. I changed the original tremolo with a Schaller locking tremolo (a Floyd Rose like whammy bar). It's one of the best whammies I've ever played. You really can't kill it!
I also changed two of the original pickups.
A DiMarzio HS-1 stacked humbucker (black) at the neck. (I wished I bought the HS-2 insted or an other coil) It's actually nice but it could be a bit hotter. The double wired middle US-standard single-coile. (No buzz and no noise). And a Noisless Fender pickup at the bridge, to keep the typical Fender sound but without any disturbing noises.

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