November 20, 2010

AXES: 'Blackie' - Mex-Tele

I don't know why, but I like Telecasters. They should be in a natural wood-tone or sunburst. I've got a black one, but that's because the Mex-Tele's sound like the old Telecasters, and they only come in black.
The new Mex-Tele's are of alder but mine has a poplar body. That gives them the 'old' sound. I wanted to grind off the old finish and varnish the body clear, but people said poplar is an ugly wood... How ever...
One piece maple neck with a C-shape 21 jumbo-frets. 2-Fender standard singlecoils; Six Saddle bridge, and chrome hardware.
And the whole thing is wornout to death. That's because; my students used it, my friends used it, some other bands used it... oh and I used it too... Sometimes!
No, I really love it. I actually like the shape of the head more as the Fender-Strat heads. It's just a cool axe.

My Blackie has a very beautiful clear sound. I used it on: Dead Black and for most of the clear parts at my 'Raven' album. I tuned it in an open G-tuning. You can hear it on 'Dead Black'.

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