January 15, 2010

CD-news - downloads

It's not easy to set a price for a CD! Every country has it's own prices. Now, I set my CD to 20 CHF (will be convertetd to your currency). So I won't charge any p&p for any country. That's fair enough for the prices, for every country, because I won't earn from overseas sales. However, that's the price for the CD.
Some people ask me: When can I download your songs from iTunes?
I'm workin' on it! As an unknown artist I won't earn money from some iTunes downloads. iTunes takes a lot royalties. I know it's easier for some of you to download a song for $0.99, and it's fair for an artist who sells thousands of CDs. But for me; I worked over nine month on that record, gave my regular job up. iTunes is a non profit option for me. It would be almost the same as if I'd gave the songs free to download at any page. So, please be patient, cause first I have to sell enough CD to give you that opportunity to download the songs on iTunes.
But I think it's not a big deal to buy a CD instead of an iTunes downoad. But I'm really workin' on it!

Thanks for your patience!

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