January 22, 2010

Latest News

Arighty then. Now that I have finished my CD "Immortalised" I updated and re-arranged my hompage, too.
The category or link: music, biography and extras are gone. I replaced them through: equipment, about and downloads.
You can buy my record under downloads. I've made three videos yet, you'll find them also under downloads like the wallpapers etc. There is also the link to my Diary.
Equipment is only, as it said, about my equipment and my musical influences. About, is still my biography, but there you'll find some personal quotes.
Well, what else? I'll be in the States in April an May this year. I'll try to make a journey-blog.
Oh, by the way; sorry for the front-scene at my homepage. I know I'll never grow up. But I thought that would be cool. Well, it looks a bit funny, because I couldn't use every picture (only 10) for the gif. picture-data. But it still looks cool.

That's it for today!

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